Credit Reporting, Scoring and Damages Expert Witness

Meet the the Expert Doug Minor


Nationally Recognized Credit Reporting, Scoring & Damages Expert Witness

As the Founder / President of Easy Credit Relief, Inc., Doug focuses on helping and teaching people how to understand the credit reporting system and manage their personal finances. As a expert on credit reporting, credit scoring, identity theft and the disputing process of information on an individuals credit profile. In addition to his expertise in personal finance and consumer credit, Doug has spent over 30 years reviewing and analyzing personal credit reports and financial profiles of individuals and couples applying for mortgage loans. Doug is also for hire as an expert witness and consultant in matters of credit related litigation. 

As one of the few true credit expert witnesses,  he understands the intricacies of consumer credit and has the firsthand knowledge of the industry along with over 30 years of experience with the underwriting standards and practices of mortgage lending industry.  Simply put, he is able to provide insight into not only credit reports and credit scores, he excels at explaining and showing any changes to ones credit profile that can cause damage to ones reputation as well as the financial impact it can cause.

Doug Minor,  is not just an expert on credit reporting but how the data is furnished, used, scored, sold, updated, disputed, corrected and underwritten by lenders.  He regularly preforms credit scores simlulations to demonstrate the impact different information can have to a credit score.  Additionally he has passed the FCRA -Fair Credit Reporting Act- certification by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), which is the trade association of the credit reporting agencies. As well as completing and earning the designation as a Certified FICO® Professional at ALLREGS Academy.

As an expert in credit related damages, mortgage lending, credit reporting, and scoring, he serves as a litigation consultant/expert witness for those involved in credit reporting, credit scoring, credit damages as well as mortgage litigation and divorce matters. Doug works with both Defendants and Plaintiffs attorneys and has worked on over 125 cases. Having a pragmatic disposition as well a broad base of experience in business, credit, mortgage and personal finance he has the unique knowledge, academics and real life experience to assess credit damages. He has performed training classes to audiences of all levels of sophistication including Professional Groups, Lenders, CEO’s, and Consumers. 

To request a Curriculum Vitae,  Fee Schedule and case list please contact our office. 

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